Elspeth Slayter and Lisa Johnson


We would also like to acknowledge the many members of our community, near and far, who were instrumental in helping us to complete this project.

  • Pat Connolly, for being an early reader and editor of one of our first chapters
  • Rose Singh, for being a close advisor and de facto third editor
  • Elizabeth Kenney and colleagues at the School for Graduate Studies, for providing us invaluable assistance with copyediting several of our early chapters.
  • Matt DeCarlo, the social work open educational resources guru, for providing specific technical guidance and materials to get us off the ground as we figured out the process of creating a rigorous open access textbook
  • Elizabeth McKeigue, Justin Snow, Gail Rankin, James McGrath, Eliza Bobek, and the entire ROTEL team for helping us get to the finish line as part of their grantmaking program
  • Courtney O’Keefe, our wonderful graduate research assistant, for her attention to detail, commitment to the work, and intellectual curiosity, and for being instrumental in identifying the loose ends that needed to be corrected as we neared the end of our process
  • All of the authors who dedicated so much time towards preparing thoughtful and poignant chapters on a range of topics relevant to disability social work
  • The chapter peer reviewers who provided additional expertise and helpful feedback to the chapter authors and book editors (see list below)
  • Elspeth wishes to thank her partner, Murat, for all of the support he offered during the many days and nights when she was working on this project. Additionally, she is beyond grateful to her partner in this project, Lisa Johnson, who jumped on board when the idea for the textbook was born and never looked back. Her steady hand and keen observations have made this a much better book. Elspeth could not have dreamed of a better partner in this process.
  • Lisa wishes to thank her partner, Andria, for supporting her during work on this book, including fielding questions about design ideas. Also, she sends many thanks to her co-editor, Elspeth, who brought her along on this wonderful journey.



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