1.1 Types of Data and Variables

Problem 1

Which of the following show examples of collecting categorical data? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.

  1. MacroSoft wants to measure the number of computers owned by households in Vancouver, BC, in order to sell more software.
  2. The professor is interested in the nationality of the students taking STAT 200. A WeBWorK question was made to ask the students their nationality.
  3. Counting the number of students in STAT 200 with black hair, brown hair, blonde hair, white hair, red hair, another hair colour, or bald.
  4. A doctor designates newborns as having low birth weight if they weigh less than 2500g (5.5 pounds), and as not having low birth weight otherwise.
  5. None of the Above


Correct Answers

B, C, D

Problem 2

Which of the following selected variables, associated with clinical trials of a drug, are quantitative variables? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.

  1. Assigned Sex – Female, Male, Intersex
  2. Smoking history (cigarettes per year)
  3. Age (in years) < 20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60 or above
  4. Body mass index (in (kg/m2))
  5. Dosage form – 1=tablet, 2=capsule, 3=liquid solution, 4=other


Correct Answers

B, D


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