Chapter 2: The Brain and Nervous System

2.1: Introduction

In this chapter we focus on the structures of the brain and nervous system. Understanding the biological structures of the nervous system is vital to understanding psychology, for the various brain structures play specific roles in psychological processes. Throughout this book, we refer to many brain structures and describe their role in emotion, cognition, perception, neurological diseases, and psychological disorders.

An introduction to the biological aspects of psychology can be very interesting, but also frustrating for new students of psychology. This is largely because there is so much new information and vocabulary associated with parts of the brain and nervous system. We encourage you not to get bogged down in difficult vocabulary. Instead, on a first reading, pay particular attention to the broader concepts. Then, once familiar with the topic, pass back through with attention to learning the vocabulary. With the help of the figures and some studying, you can master the terminology of the nervous system.

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