Book Title: The Data Renaissance: Analyzing the Disciplinary Effects of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Beyond

Author: J.J. Sylvia IV

Book Description: The Data Renaissance delves into the complexities of data's role in various industries and its broader impact on society. It highlights the challenges in investigating data practices, citing examples like TikTok, where algorithms and data handling are closely guarded secrets. The content, contributed by students under the guidance of an expert, covers a wide range of topics, including the ethical aspects of generative AI in education and the workplace, and case studies reflecting real-world experiences. This evolving text, intended to be updated with each class, serves as a dynamic resource for educators and students alike, offering insights and discussion guides for an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing landscape of data in our digital age.

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Book Description

The Data Renaissance  is a comprehensive exploration into the pivotal role of data in shaping our contemporary society. This book, a collaborative effort with significant student involvement under expert guidance, delves into the intricate and often opaque world of data practices across various industries. With a focus on the guarded nature of these practices, as exemplified by platforms like TikTok, it offers a rare glimpse into the mechanics behind the algorithms that drive user engagement and business success.

The book is designed to function as a living document, changing and growing with every iteration of the course it is meant to accompany. With the quick advancements in the world of digital data, this dynamic method guarantees that the content is current and relevant. It is a helpful tool for teachers and students alike since it is more than just a list of facts and theories—rather, it is a guide filled with real-world knowledge and experiences.

Central to the book’s narrative is the exploration of how data is wielded and its profound implications across different disciplines. It addresses the challenges inherent in studying data practices, especially when these practices are closely guarded as proprietary secrets by corporations and businesses. The ethical ramifications of these acts are critically examined throughout the book, especially in light of contemporary digital platforms and technologies.

Further, the text takes a deep dive into the practical applications and implications of data in various domains. From the influence of data on consumer behavior and business strategies to its role in shaping public opinion and social dynamics, the book covers a broad spectrum of topics. It goes beyond mere theoretical discussion, offering practical insights and real-life examples that illustrate the pervasive impact of data on our daily lives.

In summary, anyone wishing to comprehend the intricate relationship between data, industry, and society should read this book. It is a useful tool for both individual study and classroom instruction since it provides fundamental insights that can inspire more research and conversation. By presenting a nuanced view of the digital data landscape, the book encourages readers to critically engage with the topic and consider the far-reaching implications of data in our interconnected world.


J.J. Sylvia IV


Data science and analysis: general


The Data Renaissance: Analyzing the Disciplinary Effects of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Beyond
J.J. Sylvia IV
J.J. Sylvia IV
Desiree Dighton, Ph.D.; Lena Ficco, Ph.D.; and Nikoleta Zampaki, Ph.D.
Aboubacar Camara; Ana’aya McGowan Mozell; Brendan Smith; Elise Takehana; Glenndale Bartolome; Henry Christiansen; J.J. Sylvia IV; Keshauni Johnson; Leonora Shell; and Sophia Moore
Primary Subject
Data science and analysis: general
Additional Subject(s)
E-commerce: business aspects, Digital and information technologies: social and ethical aspects, Data capture and analysis, Data mining, Artificial intelligence
Fitchburg State University
ROTEL (Remixing Open Textbooks with an Equity Lens) Project