Usually, when you think about a game being developed you think about the artists, the programmers, and other designers. However, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in game development. The use of machine learning and deep learning helps developers create new systems and mechanics that feel good for the player. It does this by giving the AI data and seeing how it will process and work out solutions to problems.

AI can play out different scenarios and develop different parts of the game. Artificial intelligence can also be used to increase a game’s graphics and visuals through a method called Super-Resolution. There are different types of Super-Resolution methods but the focus for this chapter will be on Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Networks (SRCNN).

Data mining is a common business practice, but it is used in game development and determines how the game is updated. Before we go into the uses and methods of artificial intelligence, we must first understand the three main types of learning: Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.