Big Data

Now, what is the main focus on data? Why is it important for Public Relations?

The focus of data is the relationships revealed by big data. The term “big data” is used to describe data that is hard to manage or too large in masses that can be both unstructured and structured for use (Big Data: What it is and why it matters, n.d.). To save time, PR experts figure out what’s important to analyze through the given data. This helps to improve quicker decision making and strategic planning for businesses. The importance of big data is how you use it. By taking the source of data in Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for example, companies can find their answers in five ways.

The first way is through streamlining resource management (CFI Team, 2023). A great way to optimize a business is streamlining. Companies work better with optimizing effective operations to minimize their cost and profits. It helps businesses get to their highest potential, saving time and money, and minimizing high risks.

The second way is improving operational efficiency. Operational efficiency is important because businesses find ways to reduce costs, waste, improve their productivity, and improve their quality of products and services. It involves keeping track of the company’s inputs and outputs as performance indicators as well.

The third way is optimizing product development. Product development is a process of refining and improving a product to make it become more valuable to current consumers and attract new consumers too.

The fourth way is driving new revenue streams and growth opportunities. Revenue streams are the many sources from which a business can earn money. The business can collect sales of goods and services. Revenue drivers is another way for activities, products, services, and marketing that is generated for income to the business as well. This is measured by indicators such as sales volume, price, customer retention, market shares, or growth rate.

The fifth way is enabling smart decision making. By making smart decisions, it requires the brand or company to have as full understanding of the given situation as possible. In most scenarios, this means the company is collecting data from a variety of sources, analyzing what the objective is for the company, and increasing audience engagement to gather evidence on what is working or not.

So why is big data important in public relations?

Data enables the visual of the company’s growth and potential success. The collected data can be used and presented as a quality of data to use to influence and improve the public’s value as a PR expert. The future of public relations is changing everyday by the new wave of AI.

AI in PR is now becoming a strategic disruption (Hansell, 20222). In recent events, PR experts are discussing the future concepts, benefits, applications, impact and role of artificial intelligence (AI) in public relations.