SOPHIA Discussion Guides

Dr. Sylvia’s Communication Law & Ethics courses have successfully partnered with SOPHIA (Society of Philosophers in America) and the Douglas and Isabelle Crocker Center for Civic Engagement to create robust discussion guides aimed at fostering meaningful dialogue in the community. SOPHIA’s mission revolves around employing philosophical inquiry to improve people’s lives and build community. To this end, they aim to be inclusive, avoiding jargon and offering simplified, quick explanations for the ease of public engagement. Students in this course have tailored their conversations to issues related to ethics and media and held several off-campus public discussions each time the course is offered.

By aligning with SOPHIA’s mission and leveraging the resources and community reach of the Crocker Center, Dr. Sylvia’s courses have created an enriched, accessible platform for community dialogue on communication law and ethics. Several of the discussion guides are included below, for potential use either in class, or as part of your own public discussion.