Hands-on Project

Social Media Campaign

For this activity, you’re going to create a social media campaign: Social Media Assignment

Essay Reflection

Find an essay or other piece of writing that you’ve previously created for an assignment in school. Share it with ChatGPT and then ask ChatGPT to comment on the quality of the writing of your essay and paste the essay in the prompt. Think about how much you agree or disagree with its comments and ask several follow-up questions that ask for specific examples from your essay. Try asking it to make suggestions about sources to use or ways to rewrite your work, but remember that ChatGPT isn’t there to “fix” your writing. Think critically about what ChatGPT values in writing and what you value.

Example: https://chat.openai.com/share/651420bc-8662-4623-aaa1-02610eeeac63

Accompanying Questions

  • Comment on the quality of the writing of this student essay: PASTED THE ESSAY HERE.
  • Can you provide specific examples from the student essay where the style was weak and the points were not well supported by evidence?
  • Why do you think the student’s introduction and conclusion were weak? Provide examples from the essay in your response.
  • Can you rewrite some of the most boring sentences in the essay in a more engaging way?
  • Can you recommend some sources that this student could use to help them develop their essay? Include links when available.
  • What are some counterarguments or oversights a critical reader could have of this student’s essay’s position?
  • What are the strongest points the essay makes?