Microtransactions have become a common feature of video games, generating significant revenue for game developers and publishers. When a couple of dollars here and there from a player base of thousands and sometimes millions over the span of years is compared to the initial launch year of a 60-dollar triple-A game, the optimal choice for most developers looking for a big profit is clear. While incredibly profitable now, only time can say how long they will stick around within the gaming industry. However, it’s undeniable how profitable the model is and has been over the years and how prevalent the trend is. On the other hand, players haven’t been the most receptive to the growing dominance of microtransactions in the industry. Players have been vocal with their dislike of the oversaturation of microtransactions in games and how greedy some of the uses of microtransactions within these games appear to be. However, when it comes down to the numbers, the industry of microtransactions has only grown and is projected to grow even more in the years to come.